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Reverse Mortgage Blog

Financial Advisors and the Reverse Mortgage Line of Credit Strategy

November 29, 2023

8 Reasons to Put Your Home in a Trust

November 13, 2023

Are Reverse Mortgages Safe?

September 18, 2023
Since the first FHA-insured reverse mortgage was issued in 1989, many safeguards have been put in place to protect senior homeowners against unscrupulous practices.

How Do Reverse Mortgages Increase Cash Flow?

September 5, 2023
Having enough cash to last to - and through - retirement is one of the major challenges facing today’s seniors. A reverse mortgage is a safe way to help senior homeowners improve their cash flow while allowing them to better “age in place” in their own ho

Paying Off Reverse Mortgages

August 18, 2023
A frequently asked question about reverse mortgage loans is, “When do I have to pay it off?” There are several scenarios regarding when a reverse mortgage would have to be paid off.

Facts and Fiction About Reverse Mortgages

July 20, 2023
A reverse mortgage is a way for senior homeowners to generate additional cash flow in retirement by tapping into the equity in their home… and it is not necessarily a lifeline for those in financial straits.